5 tips of playing with your newborn.

3 reasons why to choose a playmat over a baby box - ByAlex Play mat

Femke Marijne from @femke_marijne wrote a super great article of choosing a play mat over a box while playing with your baby. If you want to read the Dutch blog, go to her website. If you are happy with English, please continue below. There are so many new parents having a box in their living room. But why? Because everyone is telling you and because it belongs on the list of ‘must haves’. But is it really a must have or can we play more freely and connected while using a playmat.

In the experience of Femke Marijne, she is very sorry about buying one. Her little boy, Mees, feels playing in the box is not fun at all and he actually prefers to be on a playing blanket or foam mat on the floor. Using a playmat for a while, she shares with us five tips of playing with your newborn.

3 reasons why to choose a playmat over a baby box - ByAlex Playmats

5 tip to play together on a playmat 

 1. Read books Lie comfortably next to your baby on the playmat and keep the book above your heads. So your baby can see the pictures and you can still turn the pages without your fast, curious baby tears the pages apart (although that is also a thing that your baby likes to do). 

 2. Baby massage A playmat is perfect for a nice baby massage. Baby massage is good for your relationship, helps your baby relax, stimulates sensory development and helps with discomfort such as intestinal cramps. Of course, you can follow a class to master the techniques, but you can also find many good examples on YouTube.  

3. Play a plane Go on yourself, play it up and hold your baby above your head, or lay down baby on your lower legs (while retracting your legs). Then move your baby back and forth. You may also be able to sing a baby song.  

4. Rollover If your baby can sit by itself, you can roll over with a ball. If your baby can't sit yet, rolling with a ball is still be very nice. Then put your baby down on his or her belly and roll the (soft) ball to your baby. The fact that an object is moving so fast and is getting closer, most babies like it very much. The chance is big that you have to go by yourself to get the ball, but that should not ruin the fun, right? 

 5. Bootcamp for babies Can your baby move well? Then organize a real baby Bootcamp. Place different pillows, stools, crawl tunnels, and other items and let your baby discover. Have fun!!!!

3 reasons why to choose a playmat over a baby box- ByAlex Playmats

More inspiration for playing with your baby?

Follow my Pinterest board or head over to the blog of Online Opvoeden. 

But above all… Do you have a play mat at home? What is your baby's favorite toy/game?


Curious to see read more about the playmats, check this article. And If you would like to read more about Femke marijne, just visit her website.



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