Buying a stylish playpen rug: 4 tips and ideas

A playpen is on your getaway list when you're pregnant. It is super practical to leave the baby in a safe environment and she can develop well (motorical) in a playpen during the first few months. Next stop is shopping for a stylish play blanket. One that your baby will be comfortable lying, playing and sleeping on. But which playpen rug do you need? Here's where you'll find some information before you buy one.

Not surprisingly, you're looking for a playpen rug, because chances are your baby will spend a lot of time in the playpen, on a soft play rug or play mat. It is a soft, safe surface for your baby to explore, sleep and learn to roll over on their own. A playpen rug is not only used in the playpen, but you can also put it on the floor so you can play on it together, like a play mat. This way you will connect better with your baby, which is super good for your bond. 

Tip: Here you will find an overview of all byAlex playpen rugs.

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Tips for buying a stylish play blanket?

Big baby stores are full of play rugs for the playpen. Comfort, safety (and also that they are washable) is paramount. But Alex wouldn't be byAlex if she didn't turn it into a stylish playpen rug.

1: What size play rug do I need?

There are many different sizes of playpens for sale. Therefore, we always recommend that you buy a playpen first and then was a playpen rug. That way you can be sure it will fit. The most common size for a playpen rug is 95x75 cm. It fits in a playpen of, for example, Bopita that is 95x75 cm. But it also fits slightly smaller boxes of 92x72 cm and 90x70 cm. Just make sure your playpen rug is no smaller than the playpen. Then the baby can get under the rug and suffocate.

2: I want a thick play blanket

Most playpen blankets are between 2 and 4 cm thick.  Make sure a playpen rug is not too thin, but definitely not too thick either. Be careful not to buy a rug that is too thick and soft, due to choking hazards. In addition, they lie on it so comfortably that it is difficult for a baby to learn to roll over.

3: Best washable playpen rug

The finest playpen rugs are made of easily washable and cleanable fabric. Such as cotton or polyester, with a wattle filling. These playpen rugs feel soft and warm to the touch. For example, our playblanket with cars is made double sided. In addition to fabric, you can also choose a rug made of rubber, foam or plastic. But I advise against this, it is not comfortable for a baby, they start sweating and if they spit up some milk they lie in it with their own cheeks. 

Tip: Looking for a bigger play blanket, take a look at the playmat section. 

4: A beautiful playpen rug for your carefully styled interior

Of course you can go for a neutral playpen rug with recognizable children's illustrations on it. But I suspect you are not on the byAlex website if you like this style. A playpen is often in the middle of the living room and over time you are bound to see it as an obstacle. So choose a playpen rug that will make you happy, like this playblanket for girls. One that fits your interior and is fine for children at the same time.

It's also nice to buy a double-sided playpen rug, like this jungle play blanket. This way you have 2 sides that you can alternate in terms of style. But also if you don't have time to wash in between you always have a 2nd side to use. By the way, I do recommend that you purchase at least 2 playpen rugs. That way you always have a clean one on hand, or a rug to take with you when you visit family and friends. You can also take a look at the big play blanket

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