ByAlex new collection flies around the corner

YESSS... I'm flying. New collection is out!


Let me tell you it has been a bit of a rough ride to get the new collection of fabrics ready for you But they are here and  I could not be any more excited. The inspiration for this bird-themed collection comes from my son. He has a great thirst for knowledge of birds. His favourite one is the sea eagle.. But I have saved that one for later ;-). Let's meet 'Come Fly with me' and 'I Can Toucan.', our new 'babies' for ByAlex. 

Come Fly With Me - ByAlex Playmats

The choice for the paroquet print 'Come Fly With Me' was easy. These birds are known to be very playful and love to move around. The playmat is a soft pink based fabric with a repeat print of parrots finished with a decorative contrasting mint-green piping.

Our 'I Can Toucan' is a print with the most popular bird of the Amazon, the Toucan. The playmat is a deep blue/green based fabric with a repeat print of palm trees and toucans finished with a decorative fun ochre piping.

These two new styles comes in big and small size playmats and cushions. If you prefer another size (just for that little corner in the nook, or for a little bench in the living), just let me know and I make you a custom size. 


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