Design your own mat, a contest to win a one of a kind playmat!

HOORAY! I Can hardly believe it... but ByAlex exists 5 years this month! To celebrate I'm doing something very special! You can now design your own playmat and have a chance of winning your own designed play mat. How cool is that?

How can you participate?

The contest closes at the end of October. The best design will be chosen in early November. With this design I will make a nice print and we will produce a fabric that will be used in your one of a kind playmat (and we make only one of it).

What requirements does your design have to meet?

  • Do it together with your kid and have fun with it!
  • Use pencils, markers, paint or crayons. The sky is the limit!
  • What are the rules? Actually, there are no rules. As long as you make sure it is fun and matches with who you are. Express yourself!
  • Check out the size of the playmat below, because it's helpful if you take that into account!


So get creative with your little one(s). Can't wait to get inspired!

ByAlex Playmats

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