Durable gift ideas for your family

What do you buy for your baby, toddler, child or teenager who basically already has everything?

Well, that's tricky every year. 2 great tips.

  • Start in time! Early November is an ideal time to start thinking about what makes your kid really happy, and you are less likely to reach for plastic junk because "the tree has to be filled anyway’.
  • Don't let the Amazon wish lists guide you too much. And that grabs right into the top line. I think we all know what we mean by these plastic fantastic lists put in the sock.

We always buy: Something to wear, something they want, something they need, something to read and something to eat! So something they can wear, something they want (yes, even if it's plastic and has batteries), something they need, a reading book and something sweet.

Personally, I like this premise. I like gifts that last a little longer than the Christmas vacations.

At byAlex, we have some gift ideas for you. On the website we have tips for gifts up to €30, and up to €70 and some larger gifts up to €100.

Here are the best tips in a row

Play ball - gift idea for toddler and preschooler

Playing inside with a ball I used to do all the time with my brother. Now my kids are doing it, too. As an alternative to the IKEA fabric soccer ball, I made one that does look nice in your interior. Made from byAlex fabrics left over from production. Zero Wast it is.  

kids gift idea up to 20,-

Duffel bag - gift idea for child aged 6, 7, 8, 9.

Of course, age does not matter for this duffel bag. But it is ideal for gym gear, sports clothes or a weekend stay at grandparents' house.

durable gift kids

Fabric birthday garland - because it's always a party

This is a very nice gift for babies. They can use the garlands every year to celebrate a new year of life. Of course, it also makes a nice gift for the whole family. Available in 3 meter and as an XL version of 12 meter fabric birthday garland.

durable fabric garland

Play mat - great joint gift

OK, I understand that this is a mega gift that you don't give easily. But a durable gift that will last and be enjoyed for a long period of time is not so crazy. Bet your child starts doing head rolls right away!

Big gift for kids

Skippy ball - for the active dare devils

A small package to great effect, the byAlex sitting ball of 45 cm. Use it behind a child's desk as a chair or skippy on it. Get out the energy and excitement of the December weeks 😉

skippy ball for kids

If you can't choose, you can always go for the byAlex gift card. This is available both as a digital file and as an actual gift certificate. But always remember the best present is to be present!

 In the this blog I also have some tips for the moms and dads, because they deserve a nice gift too. 

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