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Our Day At The Beach

We all love to play. I love the sun, Hella loves the waves, the boys to dig the sand and my husband to chill. No better family getaway than the beach. I kind of grew up on the beach, every holiday we went to Zoutelande in the Netherlands. So I have warm memories of that place and the relaxed atmosphere.


One of the first ‘beach ready’ days we were there. You wouldn’t be surprised we took our ByAlex outdoor play mat.

It was a blast! Hella ran instantly at the sea, and the boys were busy making a race track with the Way To Play Road. I love seeing all of them happy with the feeling of endless freedom while running at the beach.


For me, this was also a little test to see how we could use the ByAlex Playmats at the beach. I was happily surprised to see the kids run around with it, but I was ‘sold’ when my hubby fell asleep on it. When he woke up he said: ‘this is so much more comfortable than a blanket’. This I had to try myself as well.


Being at the beach is fun for me as well, having one minute of 'me-time'during a whole afternoon. 

And I don’t know what about you guys, but for us, there is no day at the beach without ice-cream (Soft Gallery UV-shirts).


Did you see the outdoor collection is water and weather proof. You can leave them outside without worries. A few drops of rain don't harm at all. But I recoment to take them inside during heavy rain.  

You can find the Mermaids Tail Playmat Mermaids Tail - ByAlex Playmats Outdoor. And the Coral Island - ByAlex Playmats Outdoor


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