Six ways to play: keeping them safe

Once you're down, you'll get back up again..

To be honest, I’m not the kind of mum who runs around after her kids to make sure they don’t get hurt themselves whilst going up or down the slide. I usually let them explore their own boundaries so that they know what feels safe and what doesn't. I trust their own instincts, and I want them to feel the same. Sometimes I push them a little, and sometimes I encourage them to push their own boundaries. Our middle child is always ready to go on more daring adventures, and he's great at it.


Can we still play fight when they're bigger and stronger?

We all just want to wrap our kids up in something soft before they go on another one of their terrifying adventures. Just one layer of foam of a playmat should be enough. A playmat can be used in several ways to keep your kids safe. Let me share some of my insights with you.


how will the playmat keep my child safe

Lying down comfortably

ByAlex Playmats are ideal for the little explorers who want to lay on their belly, to see the world from a new perspective. Dropping their heavy head in the process is just something that happens. A soft bump on the mat is always better than the hard floor.

Soft landings

Lay the mat next to their new, proper bed during the first few weeks. If they fall out of bed during the night, at least the landing will be softer. The playmat comes in handy when you want to snuggle up next to them for those sleepless nights, or just to be close to them.

The perfect safety net

Letting your kids play on the swing, with the rings or even on an indoor climbing wall is super fun. As you already might have read in the get ready to rumble article, ByAlex playmats are the perfect safety net for these moments.


What's your favourite thing to do on the playmat?

ByAlex Playmats are perfect for playing, chilling, reading and jumping around together, at any age. Create the perfect playroom and reading nook for your kids by adding a handmade ByAlex playmat. You can use one by itself, or you can create the most amazing play area by laying several playmats together. Combine them with our cosy cushions for a comfortable space to play games and chill.





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