Six ways to play: time to relax

Option one

Read a book (alone or together), listen to some relaxing music or put on an audio book. Some days you feel like interacting together, but it's also fine to just sit side by side. Enjoy the silence.

Option two

Talk to them and ask what they liked best that day. If you're both not in the mood to talk then meditation for kids can also be a good option if you're interested. Try it before you say no.

Option three

Yoga with kids is a perfect and super fun way to relax. Most kids are not afraid of falling, so let them try some fun poses. If they fall over, they'll fall softly. Plus, they'll enjoy exploring the flexibility of their body.

Time to take five

Taking a moment to relax and reconnect is something I need to do everyday. After running around all like crazy; taking care of the kids, the house, my job (and my husband), I’m in desperate need of a cup of tea on the couch. When the kids are finally asleep is when I create a moment to reconnect with myself. 

However, my kids also need time to relax. Sometimes they just directly say so, but most of the time they start getting annoyed and agitated which is when I know what they're trying to tell me. Read a book together, or let them read by themselves, is a great way to make sure they take five. Or just sit down and stare into space, that's also fine. Whatever they need to relax.


Can we still play fight when they're bigger and stronger?

ByAlex playmats are the perfect spot to chill, to let the brain settle down before playing again. It's a safe place where your children can be alone with their thoughts and process what they experienced during the day. I'd like to share a few ideas with you on how to relax on the playmats and let your children reconnect.


What's your favourite thing to do on the playmat?

ByAlex Playmats are perfect for playing, chilling, reading and jumping around together, at any age. Create the perfect playroom and reading nook for your kids by adding a handmade ByAlex playmat. You can use one by itself, or you can create the most amazing play area by laying several playmats together. Combine them with our cosy cushions for a comfortable space to play games and chill.





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