By Alex isn’t just about beautiful playmats, yoga mats and lifestyle items for a loving home. It’s a way of life. It’s about you, who you are as a person. How you interact with the people around you, how you feed your inner soul and how you make each day count. Feel inspiredby my blog, you can read more about me, my life with 3 children, a husband and my vision about to stay balanced.

Six ways to play: playing together

Nothing is more rewarding than playing together.. Playing together is what I like best about being a mum. That's actually how and why ByAlex started. I wanted to play with all my kids at the sa...

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Six ways to play: above all they're practical

Above all, they're really practical Adventures aren't just for your living room, they're even better when you go outside or to other people's houses. When I first started making the ByAlex p...

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