These are the best gift ideas for you!

For my kids I always buy : Something to wear, something they want, something they need, something to read and something to eat! So something they can wear, something they want (yes, even if it is plastic and has batteries), a useful gift, a reading book and something sweet. This also seems like an excellent starting point for ourselves. In a number of categories, I can help you just fine. Only something to read and eat you have to look elsewhere 😉

Here are some durable gift ideas for you!

Scented candle with Spotify playlist - gift for the lover of coziness

Delicious scented candles from Scandle where you can scan a great Shopify playlist on the back. For every mood there is a different scent with a different mood on the playlist. My personal favorite is the "Simple Things”. Very fresh fragrance and a beautiful text that resonates very well with me.

durable december gift

Meditation pouf - gift for the mindfull lover

The byAlex poufs can be used in multiple ways. As a meditation cushion, seat riser, side table and even as an extra seat. Oh... and also check out the combo deals. Perhaps you would like to give or receive a fine set of 2 or 3 poufs as a gift 😉

mindfull gift

Tote Bag - no one ever has enough of bags

Well, does this gift need explanation? Choose a fine print and this sturdy Tote Bag will be your "next best thing”.

shopaholic gift

Yoga Mat - for the good intentions

After a full December month with many fun, but sometimes very busy social engagements, there is nothing nicer than having time and rest for yourself. A fine Yin yoga session, a meditative yoga Nidra or take 15 minutes a day to work out your abs. I could certainly use some core training after all jummy Christmas treats.

yoga fan gift idea

Make-up bag - small but just fine

For all your small stuff, makeup, charging cords or as a bag-in-bag, ... something small, it fits in there.

If you can't choose, you can always go for the byAlex gift card. This is available both as a digital file and as an actual gift certificate. In the this blog I also have some gift tips for children, because they also deserve a sustainable gift. 

 Above all, enjoy each other and the love and energy put into finding a suitable gift. That is the most beautiful gift to give and receive.

mindful gift ideas


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