Grandma's Dress - Doll Blanket

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Grandma's Dress - Doll Blanket

Grandma's Dress - Doll Blanket

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Handmade in Europe

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This gorgeous eclectic doll blanket will make you wish it was available in life-size!

A lightly padded duvet made of a signature ByAlex print, so you probably won’t mind if it’s left lying around at the end of the day. Your kids will love tucking in their favourite dolls and toys for those much-needed naps. It's also great for naps on-the-go because it fits perfectly in a pram! 

The thing I love so much about these little blankets is that they're not too girly…so the boys are also encouraged to take care of their dolls and monkeys and might even put Spiderman to bed.

50cm x 35cm

Materials (cover):
100% waterproof polyester
OEKO-TEX 100 certified

Materials (filling):
Fibre filling

Care instructions:
Doll blanket can be washed in the machine at 30ºC