ByAlex and Sproet & Sprout have made a super cool collaboration; a limited edition of playmats and cushions. The products are designed using one of the iconic designs from the autumn/ winter 2019 collection; The Night Jungle. This playful design of chameleons is a match made in heaven for the stylish playmats and cushions of ByAlex. Because, just like a chameleon, this playmat magically transforms into anything your kids might wish for. From a slide to a bed, puzzle, or even a fort. Let the imagination run wild, and the chameleons will make the wildest of dreams come true. The second side of the playmat has subtle black dots printed because sometimes you might want to have some tranquillity in your living room.

Sproet & Sprout and ByAlex share many values and aesthetics, a Dutch heritage and the promise of playful designs pared down into a stylish product.

Night Jungle - Sproet & Sprout - Cushion
Night Jungle Cushion - ByAlex Playmat

Night Jungle - Sproet & Sprout - Cushion

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