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I, Alex, believe in playing with kids is essential to grow trust and bondage between parent and child. Being adherence in your childhood is essential in the development becoming an independent adult.

I play with my kids every day, but not all day. Playtime with them is also relax time for me. I try to totally focus on my child (one at the time preferably) and give them my sincere attention. With a million things to do in a day, that’s sometimes a bigger challenge for me than for my kids. But hey, we’re human and not perfect.

My oldest son, Faas, is 6. Since his birth i’m aware of my actions as a mom, the way we make contact and how we communicate as a family. I’ve crossed several experts and theories about how children kids develop themselves and how we can help them with this challenge. Most of all I’ve used my common sense and developed my own way in raising my kids. On my blog you can read more about me, my life with 3 children, a husband and my vision about the way I see children develop.

By Alex isn’t just about beautiful playmats from special fabrics. It’s a way of life. It’s about you, who you are as a parent. We have the most important and difficult job in the world: raising your kids who are the next leaders of the world.

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