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From stylish interior to a kids stuff overload?

Do you recognize the thought, or maybe you ever said it out loud? "My home will never turn into a place overloaded with colorful toys and nor I will heve toys with those annoying noises". Right… how long have you kept up with this? A week, a month, or maybe the entire first year. But in the end, we all gave in and our living room is taken over by a playpen, toy boxes, and balance bikes. Duplo, wooden train parts, and stuffed toys are thrown all over the place. Not to mention the wall that has been used as a canvas. Where has your stylish living room gone to? That nice place where you too can feel good and relaxed yourself?

As the children grow up, more toys are added and it seems impossible to say goodbye to old things. As a result, even more stuff in your house and even more chance of chaos. Right?

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How to organize a fun and stylish play corner at home?

If you look around your home like that, there are mountains of toys. Too many to clean up properly. And maybe too many to play with. Because the majority remains untouched time after time. For birthdays, festivities or Christmas, you have to think carefully about what you can buy for your kid(s), because they seem to have everything. But you still manage to get more toys into your home every time. Which is played nicely, and then disappears in the back of the cupboard.

Now is the time to make some changes and create a play corner that will make you and your kids happy!

What can you expect from the ByAlex Play Corner Styling course?

With the online course Playcorner Styling I help you to create an organized, tidy, and stylish play corner. One that makes both you and your child (s) happy. But above all, a play corner where kids play with the stuff that is there. Because playing is fun and helps them learn and develop in a positive way. So it is a shame if so much remains untouched.

byalex online play corner course

We will work together for 4 weeks. You will receive part of the workbook every weekend. It contains various assignments so that you and your kids(s) create a nice place to play, make crafts and chill. Think of tips and tricks to rotate with toys, smart storage ideas, but also learning to observe your child's play. So that you can tailor the play to their needs.

In a private Insta account, I explain the assignments every week and you can ask me questions.

If this schedule doesn't suit your planning, no problem. You can also go through them at your own pace. The Insta account with the explanation will remain available for 3 months. So just plan your rhythm.

Are you thinking, wow… this is me…. I want this. REGISTER NOW. You will be redirected to the ByAlex shop, where you can add the ByAlex Play Corner Styling course to your shopping cart. Do not forget to enter your email address at the check-out. Then I know for sure that the workbook will also reach you.

I'm looking forward to getting started with you. Because every house with children deserves a nice place to play!