How To Use a Face Mask

Keep safe! When you don't, you cant take care of the loved ones around you.

In these crazy times, when the world feels upside down, we all want to be, feel, and play safe. That’s why I created these stylish and safe face masks for you. Made with 3 layers of fabrics, and an opening for placing a filter. I made your item as an upcycle project, using the leftover fabric of ByAlex Playmats. Of every purchase, ALL profit will go to 'Because We Carry'. This is a foundation taking care of the refugee families in Lesbos, especially during these uncertain times.

When you feel safe, you are helping others to be safe as well. So please read the instructions on how to use a face mask below. Please note: these fabric face masks are only meant for personal use, NOT for medical use. 

byalex mondkapje stof goedkoop

How do I wear my face mask?
A mouth mask must be properly attached, worn and handled to ensure protection against Covid-19. Before wearing the mask, wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Then only touch the elastic bands when putting on your mask. First, put the mask properly on your nose and then put the elastic band around your ears.

Once you have put on the mask, do not touch the mask again. If you still need to take off the mask, for example, to have a drink, try to grip it as little as possible, put it in a clean surface, or put it in a clean, air-permeable bag.

How do I use my face mask?
The mouth cap should be replaced every 4 hours when used. This may also be faster if the mask is moist or visibly dirty. That's why I sell the facemasks by 2, so you always have a spare at home.

If you take off the mask after use, do not touch the front. Grasp the mask by the elastic bands, take it off and then wash your hands.

The mouth mask should be washed at 60° C after each use. Do not forget to wash your hands before storing or wishing to wear the clean mask again. Choose a clean place to store your mask and preferably store it in a closed cloth bag that you can wash with the mask. A plastic sealing bag can also be useful for this. Discard that after every use.

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- xo - Alex