Combideal Large & Small Sittingball

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Combideal Large & Small Sittingball
Combideal Large & Small Sittingball
Combideal Large & Small Sittingball
Combideal Large & Small Sittingball
Combideal Large & Small Sittingball
Combideal Large & Small Sittingball
Combideal Large & Small Sittingball
Combideal Large & Small Sittingball

Combideal Large & Small Sittingball

€144.00 Sale Save

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A great opportunity to add a sitting ball for you ánd your little one to your interior. Use them in your home as an ergonomic sitting place, as an office chair or even better... do a skippy ball race together.

The large ball is 65 cm and the small one 45 cm.

More info about choosing the right sitting ball can be found here

Diameter: 45 cm (size S) and 65 cm (size L)

Weight: 0,8 kg (size S) and 1,6 kg (size L)

Material Cover: soft velvet polyester, with can handle some tough times. It is 240 gr/m2 (same quality as premium interior fabrics)

Material filling: Firm anti-burst inflatable ball, including spare valve.

Need some help by choosing which size sitting ball you need or how to pump it, you can find a lot of answers to HERE.

All products are designed by byAlex, and handmade in Europe using the finest Dutch OEKO-TEX® certified fabric. The fabric is printed with non-toxic water-based ink.

Cleaning the sitting ball is easy , it is best to spray the ball with water containing a few drops of ecological detergent. Then wipe the surface with a damp cloth using only water. After cleaning, you can let the ball dry by air.

Does your cover need a more intensive cleaning? You can unzip the cover and wash it in the washing machine. Then take a look at the washing tips HERE

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A sitting ball is an inflatable large ball and is used by yogis for balance and stability exercises, among others. Seat balls are also increasingly used in the office or at home as a "chair" at the desk. So what looks like a simple rubber ball hides much more!

Ergonomic comfort the stylish way!

A large part of the world population spends the working day sitting down, behind a desk. An ergonomic sitting ball is a good alternative to a (desk or office) chair. Especially ideal for alternating your regular office chair.

By using a quality sitting ball, you are constantly encouraged to maintain proper posture with a straight back. An incorrect sitting posture puts unnecessary strain on the natural S-curve of your spine, and can eventually lead to back pain, neck pain, muscle pain, etc.

Do you work all day at home or in the office behind your desk and laptop? So then a stylish byAlex sitting ball is an absolute must have. Please note that a sitting ball is not suitable for long-term use or as a complete replacement for an office chair. For example, use the ball for two hours a day or as a change from a regular (desk) chair.

Oh well, and of course our seat balls are a joy to the eye as well. Always wrapped in a stylish jacket, and matching any interior.

Use your sitting ball as a yoga ball, pilates ball or fitness ball 

A premium byAlex sitting ball is also well suited as a yoga ball, fitness ball, pilates ball and for all other sports and therapies where a ball is used. From pleasant pregnancy exercises and concentra-tion-enhancing balance exercises at work to effective muscle training such as core exercises; with a byAlex sitting ball you can easily bring more movement into your daily life.

PVC sitting ball from byAlex

A sitting ball from byAlex is encased in a stylish cover of polyester fabric. This cover prevents the seat ball from deforming when you use your seat ball and due to the high quality of the fabrics, the cover hardly wears out. This also makes the sitting ball feel wonderfully comfortable.

The stylish and washable seat ball covers from byAlex have a practical carrying handle & hidden zipper.

Choosing the right size of your byAlex sitting ball

ByAlex offers premium siting balls in a variety of shapes and sizes. For proper use, it is important that you choose a ball that fits your height.The ByAlex sitting ball of 65 cm is ideal for larger kids and adults from 155 cm to about 190 cm. Perfect as a replacement for your office chair. Because your body automatically adopts the best posture, this ergonomic sitting ball is very suitable for your (home) workplace.

Kids do well with a ball of 45 cm. They can use it as a skippy ball or at thier kids' desk.

More information on choosing the right size of a sitting ball can be found on this FAQ page about sitting balls.