Hi, I'm Alex

Ethical entrepreneur, loving mother, interior design enthusiast, yoga fan and Rotterdam native with a life mission; to help you add more quality time to your life. For yourself, your kids and your partner. Because I am convinced that love and attention is the most beautiful thing you can give yourself and others.

Always trust your gut feeling

In 2016 I started byAlex. After working for the government for a number of years and not feeling relaxed in my own skin and mind, I quit my job without having any backup plan. At that time I was pregnant with our third child and I decided to do what I wanted to do most: make beautiful, ethical, and quality lifestyle products for a loving home with children.

From the moment I followed my heart, I felt more relaxed and I finally had time for myself and my family again.
From the start, the kids' collection mainly consisted of fine and soft foam play mats. Made for your child to play and explore endlessly. Great for reading a book, building huts or playing with other toys. But especially suitable fo playing together. I am convincred that playing together is essential for the development of a child.

And although the ByAlex kids items are made for children, they are always stylishly designed for parents like you and me. Because let's be honest, you want toys to fit seamlessly into your carefully chosen and stylish interior.

Yoga for ultimate selfcare

A little fast forward; ByAlex grew rapidly at home and abroad and the nicest items, such as poufs, posters and sitting balls, were added to the kids' collection. This made ByAlex a real lifestyle brand.

In the meantime I learned to take better care of myself. To take some time for myself every now and then. I learned that this is not selfish, but that it allowed me to be a nicer mother and partner.

Yoga turned out to offer me the ultimate relaxation. From body to mind and soul. And as every yogi and yogini knows, a good yoga mat is very important for the comfort of our body. Fortunately, I now knew exactly how to make a luxurious, stylish, and comfortable foam mat of high quality, and that is how ByAlex grew into what it is now: a premium lifestyle brand with ethically produced kids, yoga and homeware items for men and women who love want to make every moment a special moment.

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