3 reasons why to use a playmat over a baby box

3 reasons why to choose a playmat over a baby box - ByAlex Play mat

Femke Marijne from @femke_marijne wrote a super great article of choosing a play mat over a box while playing with your baby. If you want to read the Dutch blog, go to her website. If you are happy with English, please continue below. There are so many new parents having a box in their living room. But why? Because everyone is telling you and because it belongs on the list of ‘must haves’. But is it really a must have or can we play more freely and connected while using a playmat.

In the experience of Femke Marijne, she is very sorry about buying one. Her little boy, Mees, feels playing in the box is not fun at all and he actually prefers to be on a playing blanket or foam mat on the floor. Using a playmat for a while, this mom now can list 3 reasons why to use a playmat over a box. And on top of that, she gives us five tips for playing with your newborn. This is written in a separate blog.  

3 reasons why to choose a playmat over a baby box - ByAlex Playmats

A playmat has more benefits for a baby than a fenced baby box. This is why: 

1: First of all, a playmat invites babies to discover the world around them. They aren’t limited by bars. This increases their spatial awareness. 

2: Secondly, a playmat encourages babies to exercise more, and eventually become stronger. Maybe you can imagine that moving is not really challenging when everything is just to grab by sticking your arm out. A play mat does challenge babies to move. They have plenty of space to roll over and learn to crawl. They have to make an effort to grab that toy that is too far to reach just easily. 

3: As a third reason, a playmat invites you to really to play together. Laying next to the baby, you simply take his point of view. In that way, you see and feel how he looks at his world. This is good for your relationship. So lie comfortably next to your baby and try to see the world through his or her eyes. Goosebumps….

3 reasons why to choose a playmat over a baby box- ByAlex Playmats

So do we need a box for safety?

Some might find it scary to let the baby unattended when they walk upstairs to hang the laundry. But you don’t need to be afraid. Just make the space safe enough so they cannot harm themselves. Place stair gates, cover the wall sockets, place locks on doors of your cleaning products or sharp objects and make sure that you won’t leave your cup of hot tea on the table. Babies will never stop exploring. And there is no need to limit them if your place is safe for them.


Curious to see read more about the playmats, check this article. And If you would like to read more about Femke marijne, just visit her website. website.



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