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About Alex

ByAlex Playmats Alexandra Noorman

When our first son (Faas) was born, I couldn’t stop being with him and discover all steps in his development. I played endlessly with him, so our band strengthened and I helped him in his motorial and cognitive development.

My Story: Playmats that guarentee fun!

After about 3 years our second son (Simon) was born. What a joy, some extra hustle and bustle at home. I dealt with all the practical things but my challenge was: "How do I divide my attention between both of them?", "Where can you play together while one learns how to keep his head up and the other one learns to count?" With my creativity and a bit of research, I gathered enough tips for the question ‘how’ to combine the different needs of children. The most responsible and beautiful toys were at home and I played joint games with kitchen utilities, drew on big sheets of paper and explore nature together. I was not completely satisfied. ‘Where’ could I make real contact with both children in a safe way? The box is not suitable for a toddler, the baby is rolling off the couch and the blanket is too small for all of us (not to mention the curling up of the blanket with a wiggling toddler and a spinning baby).

Attention is the most important thing you can give your child

During my pregnancy of our daughter (Hella), it became ultimate clear to me. The most important thing you can give your child is attention. We are busy parents, a thousand things to do. So it’s easy to forget that attention is the most important thing you can give your child. And then I do not mean attention "if it's needed". No real physical attention with a genuine hug of love or sadness, having a romp with both a toddler and a baby to teach their boundaries or to play their came with the firearm truck and  trains. The sincere attention and physical contact between a parent and child, or among children, is essential to grow trust and bondage.

Spend time with the family and sew: that is what I like most

I terminated my full-time job to start doing what I love: spend time with my family. After a while I became impatient and, in addition to being a mother, wanted to be ‘real’ Alex again. I’m always happy to make clothes for myself and the kids, the sewing machine runs all the time. I love beautiful fabrics, patterns and eycatching details. In the summer of 2016 I made the first playmats for our home and a girlfriend’s. A bright moment for me, this is what I'm going to do!

Dutch Design inspired by the Middle East

Most of the kids I watch playing (big and small) sit on the ground. But do I want to be in that hard floor all the time? I didn’t want a small cloth which only fits your kid, but one that is big enough to spend time together. I also wanted something which is suitable as an extra bed for our big cousin who comes to stay once in a while. The oriental home  gave me the inspiration. Mattresses are often on the floor and everyone is welcome to take their place. I want to create the same feeling with my playmats.

The result: A feast and joy for the eye and for each other

A safe and own place for all kids. Playmats that are big enough to really use together.  They provide enough grip for the little beebs to discover the world, are safe to use and easy to maintain. Together it is much more fun!