What size of ergonomic sitting ball do I need?

What size of ergonomic sitting ball do I need?

To help you choose the perfect ergonomic sitting ball I have answered the 3 most common questions I hear. What size of sitting ball do I need? Which height should my work table be for a sit up ball? Why do I need an ergonomic ball? 

What is the best sitting ball size for my lenght?

Surely this is the most frequently asked question when it comes to sitting balls. How do you measure the right height for a sitting ball? The question seems to have a bulky answer in store, but it's very simple.

If you want to use the ergonomic sit ball as an office chair or desk chair, a 65 cm sit ball is fine for the average adult. So if you are between 160 cm and 185 cm, you have a good sitting position at your desk or table.

The sitting height is correct when your hips are slightly above the knees, so that the upper legs are slightly tilted downwards. This allows you to sit up straight with the sit ball.

Not everyone is the same height, but everyone deserves a proper active sitting position, which is why we also offer larger sit balls. If you are above 185 cm, we recommend a 75 cm sit ball.

For smaller people, below 160 cm, a 55 cm sitting ball would be a great option. Howerver keep you desk height in mind when buying a sitting ball. 

Not only adults can use a sitting ball, we also offer children's sitting balls, it is as important for them as for us to adopt an active sitting posture. For children, we have the 45 cm ergonomic sitting balls.

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What size sitting ball do I need?

How high should my table be for a sittting ball?

Of course, you can also ask the question the other way around. How high should your table be for an ergonomic sitting ball? The height of a standard (fixed) desk or kitchen table varies between 68 and 80 cm.

We recommend (regardless of your height) using the 65 cm byAlex balance ball. The ball collapses a little when you sit on it and then comes to a sitting height of about 50 to 55 cm. You have a more active sitting position than on a standard (desk) chair.

If you have an adjustable desk you can choose the diameter of a sitting ball according to you length. 

Need more info on how to pump a sitting ball

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Why you need an ergonomic ball?

Of course, this should have been the first question. Why sit on a ball when you also have a desk chair. A sitting ball makes you adopt an active sitting posture. You will find that you have to balance yourself almost constantly to stay seated properly. In this way, the muscles are used in such a way that back problems are reduced. While balancing on the sitting ball you train the abdominal and back muscles. This decreases fatigue and this reduces the risk of back pain. Of course, alternating between sitting and standing work and taking an occasional walk in the break is the advice everyone will give you. So will I.

Besides the sitting balls, we also have a balance cushion with cover available to use on your chair. The effect of a wobble cushion is the same as a sitting ball

If you have any questions about the byAlex ergonomic sitting balls, feel free to contact me. I'll be happy to help.

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