Size does matter: 3 facts why a thick yoga mat is better

For yogis and yoga instructors, the quality and usability of the yoga mat can make or break their practice. But when it comes to yoga mats, size really does matter. A thick yoga mat is the best way to go for comfort, support and control, and here are 3 facts why:

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Thick yoga mat by alex

1. More cushioning for comfort for yin yoga

During our yin practice we hold ananas for a longer time. 5 minutes is no exception. A thick yoga mat provides more cushioning and comfort during these long ananas. It supports your joints and devies your weight better. It will be easier and waaaayyyyyy more comfortable to do yin yoga on a thick yoga mat of 3 cm.

Yin Yoga

2. Improved support during yoga Nidra and meditation

Laying still in a Nidra meditation for a longer period of time makes your legs and arms sleep twitch, right? With improves support on a thick yoga mat you will be invited to meditate for a longer period of time because you dn’t have sleeping ankles or sore joints in sitting or lying still.

3. Superior control for better alignment with a thick yoga mat

If you are struggling with achieving proper alignment of the body, opting for a thick yoga mat may be the answer. Especially in your yin yoga practice it will be easier to slight gently into a a pose and being able to hold comfortably.
Choose your thick yoga mat

In conclusion, a thick yoga mat is the way to go for a comfortable, supported and controlled yoga practice. With more cushioning and padding on a thicker yoga mat, it helps support your weight and allows you to achieve better balance and control over your postures. These benefits will help you practice yoga safely and confidently, while also preventing future injuries.

So, if you’re looking to take your yoga practice to the next level, consider investing in a thick yoga mat or meditation mat today. You’ll reap the benefits in no time.

ps. try to lift your practice with a yoga ball, for more core stability. 

why a thick thick yoga mat matters
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