A tidy playroom is just one click away

Kids love to play. And as a parent we encourage their play. Let them explore materials, build giant structures and dress up. But hé… we all know the after match. A massive mess, right? And 9 out of 10 your kid(s) don’t fancy the play of tiding up.

We all benefit from clear guidelines and instructions. Kids especially. That’s why I recently drawed a simple tidying up chart for my children's playing area. Tested and proved by myself this chart could make your life a whole lot easier.

If you enrol for the ByAlex love letters (newsletters are so outdated) I send you the FREE PRINTABLE in either English or Dutch. 

Just print yourself a copy and put it up in your little ones play area. When it’s time for dinner, bedtime or if they decide they’re done playing for the day, just make sure they follow these simple steps when it comes to putting away their toys. After a while it will become second nature! 

Free ByAlex download tidy playroom

Tidy playroom printable byalex

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