Is this really me?

Balance Motherhood - ByAlex - Stressed mom

Right, I'm not doing this anymore. It's time for New Year's resolutions.

I reject, quit and refuse to be the octopus I have let myself become.

My tentacles are equally long, but they're currently tangled up in one giant knot that can’t be untied unless I lose a few limbs. But it needs to be done. I need to untangle myself otherwise the body of this animal (that I’ve created) won’t be able to breathe anymore.

As a mother of three, a growing business owner, a sexy wife, a good friend, a daughter to aging parents and a woman who flosses her teeth every day and oils her cuticles*, I’m always juggling thousands of activities. I’ve hit that point where I’m simply confused by all these tasks; I’m out of balance and feel like I’ve lost control of my own life.

Do you feel the same? Are you ready for some drastic changes? After all the December festivities, deadlines at work, family obligations, dress-up parties, and in our case a few birthdays to celebrate (including my own), it’s clear. It’s time to cut back on some tasks and deal with some of these emotions. We need to regain balance in our lives, to fully enjoy the lives we lead.

Balance Motherhood - Messy Playroom

So, how do we start?

To be honest, I don’t have a clue. Just google words like ‘balancing’ and ‘mother’, and you’ll get at least 58 million(!) hits. Most of them will give you a few simple pointers to help regain focus and get things done, but hardly any of them tell you to do less. To just let go of certain things.

But the fact is, I’m an octopus and I want to do everything. I want to be a good and loving mum (like my own mother was for me). I want to be a person who continues to develop herself and contributes to the world around her by means of a meaningful job (like my dad). But I also want to invest time in my marriage to make sure it remains a sustainable relationship that will last a lifetime (whilst not making the same mistakes that my parents made).

As we all know, traditions, habits and adherence patterns are passed on from generation to generation. In order to fully understand where our personality traits come from, and how we’ve developed into these octopuses, we need to look at our own family, and of our partners. Can we then predict where we might be heading and how we can avoid driving ourselves into the ground?

Balance Motherhood - Yoga kids mom yoga

What steps can we take to feel happy and balanced?

This is something that I can’t solve for myself, or for you, in five simple steps. Finding balance in your life is something that is so personal, and all we can do is share stories and experiences. Remember that you’re the glue that holds everything together. The overall happiness of your children is based on your own wellbeing; it all revolves around your happiness as a parent.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to stay at home, work 80 hours a week, are fat or skinny. It’s about practising self-love and self-care. When we are balanced we can reach our full potential. 

I’m starting today, are you with me?



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