My challenges as a small business owner

People advise you to dream big, in business and life. Set an intention to your mission and act big. Be that person of your future dreams. This is what I've done in 2019. I've scaled and professionalized my productions and fulfillment process. I participated in quite a few trade shows, went to business meetings, applied for funding and dreamt big. And I mean BIG. I succeeded in dreaming big but failed big in reaching output. To be honest, I still haven't reached the 'black figures'. This results in complaints from my producer, my fulfillment guy, my sales agent and most of all myself. We all want to ride the train of success. But success hardly comes overnight (at least not in my life).

In October the 'man with the hammer' hit me, he hit me hard. He totally blew me over. This feeling was completely new for me and couldn't be ignored by 'just keep going', hoping that the severe pain and tiredness will disappear by itself. Taking it easy as much as possible with my own business, 3 small kids and a husband traveling for business, made me clear up things. I'm just not that person who becomes happy standing alone on a tradeshow for a few days in a row, dreaming about a giant retailer taking in your playmats. I'm that person wanting to please others and make them feel happy and content in their own lives. This has always been my intention with ByAlex. To create happy and stylish homes for kids. I contribute to this with my playmats, cushions, and wallpaper. I want to add style and happiness to your homes.

Therefore I've chosen to make a big change. Perhaps for the good, perhaps for the worse. In 2020 I will focus more on my webshop and the creative part of my business. I want to design 12 new products for ByAlex. One each month. Besides that, I will start organizing pop-up shops and events instead of participating in big trade shows where I feel so lonely. I just want to feel that contact with you, the mom and dad playing on a playmat together with your child.

This also gives me the chance to lower my sales price (quite a bit). With a drop of 30% on all playmats, I hope I'm able to meet your budget in creating a happy and stylish home with kids. This is based on no economic reasoning, but pure gut feeling and your feedback on my questionnaires.

It is an exciting step for me and my family. With the five of us, we are happy to spread our love and vision around. From the bottom of my heart, I hope I'm able to inspire you and meet your wishes.

And always remember to make each day count.
Let's do this!

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