Breaking News - ByAlex makes great mats (decks) exclusively for Wobbel

Just want to share this exiting news with you. I proudly present: the new Wobbel Deck and Pillow, ByAlex made exclusively for Wobbel. 

To make your Wobbel lounge moments even more inviting I have produced a Wobbel-mat, exclusively for Wobbel. It's amazing to experience an whole new way of wobbeling. Use the Wobbel deck to create a cozy chill nook for reading or chilling. But also but it on the other side of the Wobbel to create a seat or to use it the avoid having little fingers onder the Wobbel. the possibilities are endless. 

Together with Wobbel we aimed to make it sustainable, beautiful, cozy and simple. We chose to work wih the same great ByAlex Fabrics OEKO-tex velvet feel fabrics. These are super soft, strong, have great colors and are inviting for kids

The Wobbel Deck can be applied very easily to the board and the soft mats can be extended by a Wobbel Pillow.

Both Dutch Design products are fully EU handmade and available for sale in the shop. 

Below you will find some examples for use and you can order your Deck or Pillow.

Make sure to check out all ByAlex designs for the playmats or wallpaper to style up your home with kids. 

Wobbel 360 mat deck byAlex


Wobbel Original mat deck byalex

Wobbel XL Deck - ByAlex playmat

ByAlexMat Wobbel Original deck


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