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Confession: I'm a fabric addict. I love feeling fabrics and making beautiful things with them. My husband always goes crazy when I'm in a shop with him. I really have to feel everything, only then can I judge the quality.

At byAlex, we strive for a sustainable future every day. Our mission is clear: we want to reduce climate impact, make the production process fairer and more transparent, and give you the opportunity to choose products with a conscious story. All in comfort and style!

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Buy Less Choose Well

Alex believes in the words of Vivianne Westwood: "Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last". At byAlex, we emphasise quality. By choosing high-quality materials (for the thick yogamats and yoga balls )and craftsmanship, we aim for our products to last. Thus, we reduce the need to buy new stuff, simply because your items you have will last a long time. In doing so, we reduce the demand for new raw materials, which in our view is always the most sustainable choice.

Why polyester you might ask? Why not organic cotton?

There has been a real 'rush' on sustainable fabrics. If you don't wear an organic shirt these days, you don't count, right? I'm definitely in favour of sustainable fabrics, but I'd like to explain a bit between about the difference between sustainable fabrics and quality fabrics that really last.

It is true that organic cotton is considered eco-friendly, but its production requires a huge amount of water. Ironically, it can even be more harmful to the environment than polyester production. If we could preserve the areas currently used for organic cotton production, we could grow and harvest significantly more crops. This would be a powerful tool in the fight against global famine.

Advantages of byAlex Quality Fabrics

Also, Polyester in the byAlex products has many quality advantages that cotton does not have such as:
⚗️ Polyester is not treated with additional chemicals or bleach
💪 Is stronger than cotton
🫧 Does not shrink in the wash
🥌 No need to iron it
🧼 Is easy to clean with a damp cloth so you don't have to wash it often

These benefits of polyester make our products last longer, which is more sustainable for the planet.

💡 Remember, when you choose quality, you are always making a sustainable choice for both your home and the planet. Together, let's prioritise timeless style and sustainability! 💚

Our Washing Tips for Durable Fabrics

Finally, you might wonder what microplastics end up in the water when you wash the covers. There are particles that can get into the water that worsen the plastic soup, but that's where Guppyfriend (stop Micro-waste) comes to the rescue!

By putting the cover in a Guppyfriend laundry bag before you machine wash it, you prevent microplastics from entering the plastics soup. The tiny particles are collected in the bag and you can then dispose of them in a sustainable way. A great solution!

Oh yes, almost forgot. the byAlex fabrics are breathable. So it's safe to sleep on them and therefore also for your baby when he or she is lying on their tummy and practising getting their heavy head up.

We love to make items that lasts

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Fluffy Marshmallow - Bouclé Teddy Sitting Ball

Fluffy Marshmallow - Bouclé Teddy Sitting Ball

Fluffy Marshmallow

From €99.90

Flying Fakir - 3 cm Thick Vintage Carpet Yoga Mat

Flying Fakir - 3 cm Thick Vintage Carpet Yoga Mat

Flying Fakir


Magnify Neutral Life - Beige Balance Cushion

Magnify Neutral Life - Beige Balance Cushion

Magnify Neutral Life


Misty Sea - Soft Blue Rib Sitting Ball

Misty Sea - Soft Blue Rib Sitting Ball

Misty Sea

From €90.90

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