Durable fabrics that are made to last

On the page about the durable choises I'm making with ByAlex. I talked about the super soft ByAlex fabrics for the foam playmats. Now you might be wondering; but Alex, your fabrics are made of polyester. Wouldn’t bio cotton be a more sustainable option? Isn’t that better for the planet? That’s actually far from the truth, let me explain why.

soft velvetl playmat


Polyester vs bio cotton

It’s become quite the trend to buy into the bio trend, but just because something is bio doesn’t mean that it’s actually better for the planet. Brands are very quick to add certain labels to their products because they know that consumers want to work towards a healthier planet. But these brands forget to mention the finer details.

The production of bio cotton requires tons of water, in fact it’s more damaging than the production of polyester. If we could spare the areas that are currently used for the production of bio cotton, more crops could be harvested, and we could help reduce starvation across the globe.

Yes, polyester is made of petroleum

Yep, you’re right. Polyester isn’t an innocent material either, but much thought has gone into choosing this fabric as the basis for all my products:

* it doesn’t need to be treated with extra chemicals or bleach
* it’s far stronger than cotton, thus it’ll last a lifetime (nerdy inside info: this fabric has a Martindale of > 60.000, which cotton fabrics simply can’t achieve)
* doesn’t shrink in the wash
* you don’t have to iron it (saves you an extra chore)
* don’t need to tumble dry the cover (saves energy)
* it’s SUPER soft (the whole family will want to cuddle with the playmats and cushions all day long)


Stop Microwaste washing bag

Last but not least, you might be wondering about the microplastics that enter the water when you wash the covers. Yes, that is also true. There are particles that can enter the water which will add to the plastic soup, but that’s why Guppyfriend (stop Micro waste) came to the rescue!

By putting the covers in a Guppyfriend Washing Bag before washing them in the machine, you’ll stop the microplastics from adding to the plastic soup. The tiny particles are caught in the bag and you can then discard them in a sustainable fashion. Cool, right?

Oh yes, almost forgot. the ByAlex fabrics are breatable. So it is safe to sleep on them or tummytime when the is exercising to keep his heavy little head up. 

So, there you go, your (future) playmat is great for the planet and safe for your kids!