How To Style A Play Corner For A Baby?

 In my previous blog I spoke about creating a happy (and stylish) home with kids. How to integrate a play corner in every home with kids is essential for creating a connection with each other by playing together. In this article I give you inspiration on how to design a play corner for a baby.

The big advantage of designing a play corner for a new baby is that you can keep it minimal with a nice place to lay them down and let them learn to roll and sit up. You do need some storage for those gifts that are actually a “miss”…

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 As an activity a baby gym is something you will have fun with a lot. Try to change the activities once in a while. You can also hang some fabric on it, or try something you find in the wood. Just keep exploring like your little one is doing as well. And a few different rattles are a must-have.

To make the best of tummy-time, use some flash cards. Or put a mirror besides or in front of them. There is nothing better than exploring your own self. A comfortable blanket or play mat is a must at this stage. 

When they grow a little bigger and are able to sit, make little baskets with sensory toys in it. This can be something easy like a spoon, a stuffed animal, paper. Just use your imagination, or take a look at this book.

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How does your playcorner look like? 

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Some style ideas for your playcorner in homes with kids of various ages.

I made a design for a play corner for a baby, a play corner when having a toddler and a baby around and a play corner for multiple kids of various ages. Just follow the links.




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