This is how yoga helps with stress

We all know those days when all you do is run and hardly have time to have lunch or a cup of tea in peace. As a result, we often forget to listen to our own bodies. Although in most cases our bodies send signals, such as fatigue due to poor sleep or stress, too often these signals are ignored.

To ensure that symptoms do not increase further, it is important to start listening to them. And one of the ways to learn to listen to your body properly is yoga.

Learn to listen to your body

During a yoga session you clear your mind for a while. This not only calms you down, but often helps you sleep better. Moreover, yoga teaches you to listen carefully to your own body. This makes it easier to set your own limits.

Especially when you have had too many stimuli, your body and mind can become unbalanced. Yoga helps you process these stimuli. If these stimuli are not processed, this can lead to stress complaints, such as overwork, fatigue complaints or burnout.

Do you want to get started with yoga, and are you curious which style of yoga suits you best

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The thick byAlex yoga mats and meditation cushions are perfect for yoga styles like Yoga Nidri and Yin Yoga. Both styles of yoga are known to reduce stress. When practicing these yoga styles, a thicker mat is ideal. 

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