What is the perfect yoga mat for different forms of yoga?

Although most yoga mats look similar at first glance, there are many options available in terms of material, length, width and thickness of the mat. ByAlex offers you luxury yoga mats that excel in all areas. From comfort to grip, and from optimal size to good cushioning.

What is the perfect yoga mat for different forms of yoga?

What is a Good Yoga Mat?

The mats from byAlex are 65 x 180 cm and are 3 cm thick. With this thickness you have a very fine comfort. For example, you are less bothered by the cold floor and you have a fine support for your joints. People whose lower back, knees, and/or joints are prone to discomfort benefit greatly from our mats. It is also the ideal mat for quiet forms of yoga, such as yin yoga, yoga nidra, restorative yoga, meditation and breathing sessions.

Do you need different yoga mats for different kinds of yoga?

Like there are different kind of yoga styles, there are also different kind of yoga mats. For more active and power styles of yoga I certainly would recommend a sticky mat to keep you steady and balanced during sweaty poses. 

If you practice more gentle forms of yoga I would prefer a thick yoga mat, specially designed for Yin Yoga. A The ByAlex mats are made of a firm 3 cm thick foam. Around it is a cover of velour. This one is wonderfully soft and still provides some grip for standing exercises. The cover is removable with a damp cloth. The cover can be cleaned with a special fabric cleaning spray,  and also be taken off and put in the washing machine.

So a good yoga mat isn't only a thing about quality, it is more about your needs. A thick Yin Yoga mat is not to be comparable to a rubber or jute yoga mat. These are really sticky mats, meant for active yoga. The byAlex yoga mat is made for more relaxing yoga exercises and meditation. 

A good yoga mat is foldable and stylish

The yoga mats from ByAlex have a stylish design and are not only perfect for practicing yoga, but also fit perfectly into your interior. All designs of the yoga mats are designed by Alex herself. Use it as meditation mat an pilates mat, to meditate. strengthen your core or to read a book on (together with your kids). Because the beste yoga mats are the one you enjoy having in your home. 

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