5 Benefits of an Ergonomic Sitting Ball Into Your Work Station

Working long hours at a desk can be uncomfortable and even cause physical issues if proper ergonomics is not applied. Sitting on an ergonomic office ball can help alleviate physical stress, improve posture, and make your workspace more comfortable. Read on to find out the five main benefits of incorporating an ergonomic sitting ball into your workstation.

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1. Improve your posture on a sitting ball

I'll be the first to admit it, sitting at a desk for long periods of time is not my greatest hobby. But with an ergonomic sitting ball, I notice that I sit more actively and adopt a better posture. A siiting ball is designed to make you sit more upright, allowing your back, neck and shoulders to be more in better alignment, making you less likely to feel pain or stiffness.

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2. Boosts Concentration

Something I didn’t know, but sitting more upright and actively, your mind also stays more active. This improves your concentration and overall performance. Your body is contantely trying to stay balanced. This triggers your brain to concentrate and focus.

3. Increased Productivity

A better concentrations results in an increased productivity. And isn’t this something we all want in our work. More productivity means less working hours… I’m in!

4. Improved Mental Health

An active lifestyle improves your mental health. A 65 cm sitting ball can make you feel more comfortable because of the freedom of movement it gives you. This way you can move around more and thus stay active while working.

5. Promotes Movement

By alternating this ball with your regular office chair, you will soon notice that you experience more comfort and better posture. You sit down more actively. Keep in mind to change your sitting position every 60 minutes. So alternate your sitting ball with a standing work station, a walk and a regular (office) chair. And if you fancy… try some office yoga by turning your office ball into a yoga ball.
Conclusion: Taking a few steps towards ergonomics in your workstation can yield amazing results. Incorporating an ergonomic sitting ball into your workspace is an easy and cost-effective way to improve your posture, concentration, productivity, mental health and encourage movement.

Now that you know the benefits of an ergonomic sitting ball, why not try one out for yourself? Try out different sizes and shapes to find the one that fits your needs.
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