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My search in dividing the attention between my children. A fun challenge if you go for it!


Attention is one of the most important things you can give your child. At least, that is what I believe. As a mother of three kids, dividing my attention was something new, I had to learn. Sometimes I want to play with all of my children at the same time, while still giving them an equal amount of attention. In my experience, this was quite a challenging journey. Let me take you with me on that challenge.

When our first son, Faas, was born, I couldn't spend enough time with him. I wanted to follow all the steps in his development. We played endlessly together which did great things for our bond and his motoric and cognitive skills. When our second son, Simon, was born I suddenly had to divide my attention between the both of them. I have to admit; I was quite lucky that Faas wasn't that jealous. For example, Faas loved playing with animals at that time. He sorted them by their home (a zoo, a farm,  the sea) or by what they can do (fly, walk, swim). Meanwhile, Simon and I were making the noises the animals make. That’s how through trial and error, I managed to find a way to play with my boys at the same time while giving them both my attention.


As a mother of three kids, dividing my attention was something new, I had to learn.  


When my daughter Hella was born in 2015, it became yet another challenge. Not only did we have to adjust to being a family of 5, including a newborn. My husband and I also had to find our way into dividing our attention between our three kids.It all became more challenging with every kid extra in the household.  




We've been a family of 5 for over a  year now, and I feel we've found our way into dividing attention amongst each other. Of course, I still find it important to give each of my children one-on-one attention which I'll tell you more in this blog. I've discovered how I can be with all three of my kids yet give everybody attention. We love to bake cookies and prepare dinner together for example. We count, we sing, make music with the kitchen equipment and prepare delicious bites while doing so.

At every age and with that, every stage of development, kids have different needs. Each of my children has their way of playing, even though they are playing with the same toys. When playing with blocks, it also becomes clear that we're playing together while all playing in a different way. Faas creates the most beautiful castles and space shuttles, while Simon builds piles while counting blocks and Hella loves throwing them over.


I'm happy to have found a way that works for my family. Thanks to Lennebel Petites, you can sneak a peek into our life as you can see in the video above. How do you divide the attention between your kids? I'd love to hear your stories! Leave a comment or send me a message on Facebook or Instagram.


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