This Is How To Have A Happy Home With Kids

What does it take to have a happy home with kids? This was basically the underlying question I’ve asked a few parents (uups, basically only mums). The series of blogs/interviews is kicked off with my own story, in the hope that you'll get to know me better, understand where the brand ByAlex came from, and what kind of parent I am for my kids.

You also find the emotional story of Rachel, living in the USA with her husband and 3 kids, one of which has the Down syndrome. And Anna, from Denmark. Recently divorced and putting her life back together.   

Dorine shares how she is starting to explore more freedom now that her kids have grown bigger. And Carien is (in my eyes) just in the middle of it all with 3 small kids and 2 full-time careers. We all have different ways of bringing balance into our lives. What we have in common is our love for our kids.

These women differ in many ways, live in different countries, have kids of different ages and do different jobs. But what they share is the consciousness about themselves, the people they are surrounded with (in their home) and how this all combines in a stylish home with kids. Let’s face it, I, and I think you did too, had a more or less organised home before the first kid made its entrance. We started with a nice rattle and a play blanket, organizing the toys in well-designed boxes or toy baskets. But suddenly, and I cannot pinpoint when exactly, this kids’ stuff simply took over our homes. Kids grow bigger, and we don’t get rid of the old stuff. Or perhaps a second child made its appearance and the stuff and tasks just double.

Every home with kids does have a play corner in some sort of way. But this play corner does look different for a baby than for an 8-year old. It has different needs for one kid or multiple kids. That’s why I’ve designed several options to devise your play corner in the living room. Take a look and get inspired for your home. Oh yes… I’ve also made a shopping list. Just to make life a little easier.

How does your playcorner look like? 

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I made a design for a play corner for a baby, a play corner when having a toddler and a baby around and a play corner for multiple kids of various ages. Just follow the links.


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