How To Style A Play Corner a child and a newborn?

How to style a playroom when the new baby arrives

In my previous blog I spoke about creating a happy (and stylish) home with kids. How to integrate a play corner in every home with kids is essential for creating a connection with each other by playing together. In this article I give you inspiration on how to design a play corner for the moment when you will have your second (or following) kid with a child or toddler around. 

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To be honest, in my experience this is the moment when the trouble starts. Having a new-born with a toddler around is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. How to keep the baby safe, while the toddler can learn to expand his or her world? I loved playing with their imagination, for example building a little farm with wooden animals and making animal noises. This is fun for all of you. Big building blocks are a great option as well. Pick the ones that are safe for your baby. And storage… always storage issues. Use a big sack or crate for toys your toddler can use him or herself. And make sure to have a safer (kind of locked up) place for toys that need to be kept away from the baby.

And don’t forget to connect with each other on a playmat 😉

On my Pinterest profile I give you some inspiration on how to play with a toddler and a new-born at the same time.

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How does your playcorner look like? 

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How to design a playcorner for multiple kids

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