3 Easy Tips: Last Minute Easter Crafts with Kids

I just love to do crafts with the kids during the Easter break. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, but most of the time it lacks supplies in my home to make it as nice as the pictures show me.  Here I share some of the things I’ve made with my kids in multiple age groups (2, 4 and almost 7) with supplies most of us moms have around.


last minute easter craft with kids


1. Easy Eggs - Easter Craft

For the first activity, you only need the basic craft stuff, like paper, pencils and paint. Draw an egg, or let them do it themselves. Give them an assignment according to their age. I let Hella (2), paint with little pompoms or cotton balls. The same thing for Simon (4), but only more difficult with cotton swabs. Faas (almost 7), learns to write. So I gave him something to practice his fine motor skills. If you look closely, you can see some words (which are not as nice to write down myself… haha). Feel free to use your own imagination. You can also let them cut little pieces of paper and glue let them glue the small pieces on the drawing. So many options….


last minute easter craft with kids


2. Pompom party - Easter Craft

We also made our own pompoms (look around on Pinterest for a tutorial how to make them with a round cardboard mould). We decorated the Easter branches with it, making them look like a little chicken and a rabbit. Love the result!

3. Relaxed Easter Brunch Hacks 

Last but not least, some ideas to keep the kids entertained during the Easter brunch. Decorating the paper tablecloth with some bunnies. And playing Football with a cotton ball and a straw. Easy as that. No need to go shopping for craft supplies, just use your imagination and what’s around. The most important part is to spend time together and have fun.

'It’s the process that counts, not the result'

Looking for more inspiration for a last minute afternoon making crafts with the little ones... visit my Pinterest Board. 





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