“Letting go is the hardest asana”

Letting go. A word you often hear during a yoga class, but also a word you often hear as advice in difficult situations. But letting go is not always as easy said as done.

Yet I have found myself that yoga can make things easier for you.

I am a big fan of yin yoga. During a yin yoga class you are guided to let go. Not only of physical, but also of mental resistance and tension in your body. And virtually everything you practice and experience on the mat, you take back into your daily life.

Therefore, I experience yoga as much more than a sport or activity. For in addition to its physical benefits, yoga also has the potential, often directly, to transform the psychological and even spiritual health of practitioners.

You can think of yoga as a form of meditation as far as I'm concerned.

While practicing yoga, you are not only physically moving, but among other things, you are dwelling on your thoughts, your surroundings and learning to stand back where necessary.

The focus required for most forms of yoga jerks us out of the daily hustle & bustle where multitasking is seen as a positive thing, long workdays are normal and we are constantly exposed to an overload of information.

Yoga en meditatie

Training your attention is something that for many starts on the mat, but then takes you into everyday life. And believe me: that is worth a lot!

Could you use some more peace of mind and does yin yoga, or meditation, sound like something for you? Our premium thick yoga mats are especially nice for quieter forms of yoga like yin yoga or yoga nidri, and the ByAlex meditation cushions are perfect for meditation.


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