How to Make Each Day Count

At byAlex it is our mission to make each day count! But while saying this (and truly believe in this), yet I find myself often feeling defeated when the sun goes. I bet you have this feeling once in a while too. We know that the days are precious and our life is too short to simply let them slip by without making the most of them, but how can we make each day count? In this post, I will look at some tried and true tips and tricks to help you be intentional about making each day count.

make each day count

Prioritize and Set Goals to Get Things Done

What if your to do list is actually a wish list? I know, and you sure knows as well that setting specific goals and priorities will help you stay on track in your job and daily life. But some days this is more easily done than others. The biggest trick is to scheduling your work, and fun time with your kids or people around you, in advance. I always plan the week ahead on Monday morning. It is the first thing I do. This will help me plan for tasks that require more preparation or organization. Breaking up long-term projects into smaller chunks and scheduling these chunks into your calendar can make them seem less overwhelming and help prevent burnout. Give it a try, make a Big 3 for the week and divide this big tasks in smaller portions each day.

And a little treat for yourself: once the job is done, it is done. You are allowed to take a break and enjoy your accomplishments. No need to rush into other tasks.

Find Gratitude in the Moment, for Yourself and Others

The above will bring us to this point. Finding gratitude in the moment, or in little accomplishments you achieved, can be incredibly powerful for both yourself and others. It encourages us to stay mindful of the good things in our lives, and to recognize them rather than simply taking them for granted. When we take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the blessings in our lives, we are likely to feel a sense of peace and joy that can be profoundly uplifting. Whether this is the moment you sit down and read out loud for your kids, have a good meal together or enjoy your moment of stillness. Finding gratitude in the moment helps us remain cognizant of the potential for positivity in any situation, and allows us to remain focused on and supportive of the people we care about.

Tip: check out the blog about the tips for cooking in rush hour.

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Take Time for Yourself to Become a Better Person

Self-care is a concept that is often ignored in a busy life, but it can make a world of difference in terms of productivity, health, and overall happiness. We are all juggling between mom-life, working life and being a good partner to our spouse and loved once. Setting aside time for yourself each day can help to reduce stress, boost mood, and give you the energy to take on any challenge that may arise. Whether it's a morning yoga practice, an afternoon walk, or an evening bath, the key is to find something that works for you and make it a regular part of your life. Taking some time for yourself may seem like a luxury, but it can make all the difference in achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Alex’s Mission is to Make Each Day Count

This is what byAlex is all about. Taking care of yourself while taking care of others. A YES to someone else doesn’t have to mean a NO to yourself.
At byAlex we believe that happy moms have happy kids, happy dads are joyfull for others, and if you take care of the once around you while taking care of yourself the world will become a better place for the people you love.
Why? Because when we are relaxed and connected we are able to see and listen to the people around us on a deeper level. And that is where and when the magic happens. Cause when you’re in that ‘space’ together you can feel the love flow through your body. Goosebumps baby!
Comfort and happiness is the reason why we create stylish, quality products like playmats and comfortable thick yogamats that support you in living a happy & harmonious lifestyle: the byAlex way.

Choosing for By Alex is choosing for meaning and happiness. Consciously choosing for connection and quality:

Making each day count’.

how to make each day count

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