With some sunny spring days and great summer days at our front step, we all love to go outside. I love drinking my morning coffee outside, in the soft ray of sunlight.

outdoor playmat - buiten speelkleed - picknickleed

And kids… well, kids simply love to play outside. Their play space, just like their imagination. Becomes bigger when opening the doors of our terrace, porch, balcony, or into our garden.

Did you know the ByAlex playmats can also be used outdoor? Great, isn’t is. And I’ll tell you why, within a technical and a practical way.

I first become technical, as a fabric lover. The ByAlex fabric is made of super-soft, yet strong velvet. It has a Martindale of over 50.000. this means you can rub the fabric over 50.000 times before one of the 4 threats of the weaving might break. To explain it easier. If you run the fabric 50 times a day, it will take over 3 years before wear could occur.

buiten speelmat byalex wasbaar foam

And now I become practical because I’m a mom too. All playmats (and cushions too)  have a hidden zipper. So the cover can be taken off and put in the washing machine. Wash on an easy program at 30 or 40 degrees Celsius (kind of like you was your sportswear). Please make sure not to put it in the dryer, just hang it out to dry.

The foam playmats can be perfectly used outside, but make sure to bring them back in at the end of the day or when it starts raining. This will prolong their life and means less washing for you.

Enjoy summer, and please make sure to enjoy playing together. #makeeachdaycount

picknic blanket picknickleed buiten speelmat


Check here the full collection of playmats that can be used outdoor and are washable: 

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ByAlex - Wasmachine - HD - 15 sec - kopie from Alex on Vimeo.


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