Erase the Winter Blues with a Spring Yoga Practice

Everyone feels a little weighed down after a long winter, and a yoga practice is the perfect way to refresh and rejuvenate. When done consistently, yoga can open up our bodies, minds, and hearts - and very likely, give us a physical and emotional transformation that will carry us through the entire year. Let’s learn how to use yoga to welcome in the spring, and leave those winter blues behind.

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant


Cultivate a Positive Mindset with a Yoga Practice in Spring

Yoga can help us cultivate a positive outlook as the weather begins to warm, and invites us to greet spring with a refreshed perspective. Spring is for new beginnings, we take off our winter coat and start light and fresh. As we unroll our premium yoga mats and practice, our mindfulness flows with the rhythm of our breath, helping us stay grounded and in the present. By cultivating a spirit of self-care and inner reflection, yoga can help us to let go of the past and move toward the future with an open heart and optimistic outlook. Plus, it’s a great form of exercise. So, as the days get longer and warmer, try infusing your yoga practice with a bit of extra sunshine and see where it takes you.

Simple and Effective Yoga Poses during Spring

Spring is the perfect time to get closer to nature and boost your mental and physical health. Yoga and meditation is a great way to practice mindfulness and bring balance to your life. A few easy spring poses to try are Bridge Pose, Triangle Pose, and Cat-Cow Pose. Bridge Pose strengthens core muscles and opens the chest and hips. Triangle Pose increases flexibility and strengthens the legs, while still being gentle enough for beginners. It is also a twist which helps us detoxify our winter blues. Last but not least, Cat-Cow Pose helps to stretch the spine, increasing flexibility and relieving tension. This is probably the easies pose to do, but so good to start and close the day by making our spine more flexible. If your knees hurt, put a blanket underneath or use a thick yoga mat for extra support.
With these basic poses in your yoga practice, you can enjoy the spring season in optimal health.

Journaling Sping Intentions

We all know new years’ resolutions. But in my opinion it’s better to make spring resolutions. A new season, a new beginning, a new moment to set your intentions for the year ahead. Take time to consider what you are looking forward to and which areas of your life you want to focus on. Set one intention you want to accomplish, this can me a measurable target or a feeling you want to reach. When you journal, you can use prompts or questions to guide your process. Additionally, recording your intentions on paper can give you a visual representation of what you want to achieve and create a physical reference to return to as the season progresses.

How to Set Up a Home Yoga Practice

Setting up a home yoga practice can be an excellent way to cultivate and enrich your practice. With the right supplies and tools, you can make an atmosphere that is calming and allows you to relax and move freely. To get started, all you need is a comfortable space to practice, a yoga mat, and some basic yoga props such as a meditation pouf, blocks and straps. You may also want to invest in a yoga cushion and a blanket to support your body. Additionally, you can curate a calming soundtrack with some soothing music to accompany your practice. Once you have your supplies set up, it's time to begin. Start by setting an intention for your practice. Then, begin to explore the postures, breathing techniques, and moments of silence that bring you peace and joy. Finally, be sure to close your practice with a few moments of relaxation. 

Rejuvenate on a yoga retreat in Italy

Sometimes just putting off our heavy coat, open a window and take some deep breaths is not enough to feel energised and ready for the journey ahead of us. I go on a yoga retreat in Italy once a year in spring. 

A yoga retreat is a great way to relax and reset after a busy or heavy period in your live. Whether you choose to stay a weekend at a yoga-focused bed and breakfast or a full week on a tropical beach, the rejuvenating benefits of a yoga retreat will help to restore and strengthen your body, mind, and spirit. Ready for anew season in your life


-xo- Alex

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