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In all our enthusiasm about new products, we sometimes forget that the you cannot look inside our heads. We totally understand you have a few questions about the new ByAlex Sitting Balls. Feel free to reach out if you have more or other questions about the use of the balls.   

What size sitting ball does my child need?

For children from about 110 cm to 155 cm, the ball with a diameter of 45 cm is perfect. So from about 4 years it can be used as a sitting ball, but of course the possibilities are endless. For example, use it as a skippy ball or try doing situps on it (i mean you, not your kids).

What is the best sitting ball size for my office?

The ball of 65 cm is ideal for the bigger kids and adults from 155 cm up to about 190 cm. Very suitable as a replacement for your office chair. Because your body automatically adopts the best posture, this ergonomic ball for kids is ideal for your (home) workplace.

Looking for more info on how to pump a sitting ball and some size issues?

I want to use a sitting ball at home. What size do I need?

The height of a standard desk or kitchen table varies between 68 and 80 cm. We recommend to use the 65 cm ByAlex sitting ball. The ball will sink in a little when you sit on it and will then reach a sitting height between 50 to 55 cm. You have a more active sitting position compered to a standard (desk) chair.

Can I wash the sitting ball cover?

Yes, all ByAlex covers can be washed at 30 degrees in the washing machine. See the washing instructions. You can also wipe the ball with a damp cloth using some mild detergent. You can also use a special fabric cleaning spray. 

Is price including inner ball?

Yes the price includes an 'anti-burst' inner ball. This can be easily inflated with a normal bicycle pump using the valve that comes with the ball. It is easier and way more faster to pump it with a 'double-action' pump. The same pump you use to inflate an inflatable crocodile or airbed.

Are the covers also sold separately?

Yes, we sell the covers separately. You can see all separate yoga ball covers on this page. Please make sure you read the description well to be sure you sitting ball covers match your own balance ball perfectly. 

The cover seems too big for the ball, how is this possible?

You can inflate the ball until it fits perfectly in the cover, the ball will not burst. If this doesn't work, you can let the ball rest for a few hours and then pump in some more air until the sleeve fits perfectly. If you are unsure if you have the right inner ball, you could measure or weigh it. For the 45 cm version, the inner ball weighs 500 grams and the fabric outer cover when laid flat is about 66 cm long. In the 65 cm version, the inner ball is 1200 grams and the cover is about 98 cm long when measured flat.

Anyway, the ball needs a while to get used to its new environment ;-) ... but once this happens you will enjoy it for years!

The ball seems to deflate, is it leaking?

With a sitting ball it is not unusual for it to deflate every now and then, so it is certainly normal that it needs to be inflated once in a while. A different environment (temperature) can also play a role. In a cold room the ball will become smaller.

Up to what weight can the sitting balls be used?

The balls are very sturdy and can be loaded to a weight of 300 kilograms.

Do I have a warranty on the ball?

All ByAlex products carry a 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects. Should the inner ball break down during normal use within this period please contact Alex.


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