How To Style A Play Corner For Multiple Kids

In my previous blog I spoke about creating a happy (and stylish) home with kids. How to integrate a play corner in every home with kids is essential for creating a connection with each other by playing together. In this article I give you inspiration on how to design a play corner while having a home with multiple kids of various ages.

Designing a Play Corner for Multiple Kids - ByAlex Playmats

Designing a play corner for multiple kids is fun. I love toys and furniture that can be used at multiple ages. Take these Bakoba Toys blocks. A baby can explore it, a toddler can build with it and a bigger kid can use the Lego-extension pins to combine it with Lego. And the Brio train is still a hit in our play corner. It is so suitable for kids at various ages. But also make sure to have some easily accessible storage boxes as well as a nice place to chill and read a book. Make everything easily accessible (like the books), so they can choose their own activities and let them learn to store stuff after playing. 

This is also the moment when you shouldn’t let kids be placed in the play corner alone. They take the whole living room as their playground. For me, that’s ok. Kids need to have their personal space and also learn to play by themselves (as much as they need to learn to play together). The agreement I’ve made with them is that there is one designated place for toys. It’s perfectly fine that the Duplo building stays in its place for a couple of days. But just not next to the couch where I’m having my me-time at night. This is a simple thing kids understand and can work with. Your house will stay a happy home for all of you.

I have a Pinterest page where I give you inspiration on how to play with multiple kids at the same time.

Designing a play corner- ByAlex Playmats

How does your playcorner look like? 

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How to design a playcorner for multiple kids

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