Six ways to play: above all they're practical

Above all, they're really practical

Adventures aren't just for your living room, they're even better when you go outside or to other people's houses. When I first started making the ByAlex playmats, I discovered the importance of the practical side of things. It had to be a playmat that would encourage creativity and allow the imagination of my little ones to run free, but it had to also be easy to clean and easy to move around.


Can we still play fight when they're bigger and stronger?

Using the elastic band that comes with the playmats, I can easily take the mat on a picnic or move it from the living room to the bedroom when someone is staying over. On a picnic the playmat comes in contact with grass, the wind blows random things on to it and there's always a big chance that someone will spill something on it. Thanks to the easy-to-clean velvet, these are never issues. Once you've followed the cleaning instructions, the playmat looks brand new. I'm definitely happy that I thought about the practical side of things before I started producing the mats.

To maintain the high standard of the ByAlex playmats, I made several choices to keep your kids safe and to make sure your home stays clean. Here are some of the choices I made that benefit the quality of the playmats.


some seriously practical facts about my playmats

Playmats with super powers

Spilt milk or sticky fingers?Don't worry, the non-toxic fabric used for both the velvet and cotton playmats are easy-to-clean. All you need is water and a clean cloth to clean your velvet playmat. The cover of the cotton mats can be thrown into the washing machine. Read more about the specific instructions here.

Extremely comfy 

The playmats are 3cm thick. Just the right the thickness to protect you and your kids from the cold, hard floor. Play should be fun, but it should also be in a warm, comfortable space where you can also relax in between. The playmats are just a few steps away from a comfy matras. 
Cool, right?

The materials are safe

These playmats last a long time and won't irritate the skin thanks to the OEKO-TEX® certified materials. On top of that: the eco-friendly cold foam lasts for about 10 years under heavy use which means your kids can play as much as they want without the ByAlex playmat losing its quality. Have I convinced you, yet?


What's your favourite thing to do on the playmat?

ByAlex Playmats are perfect for playing, chilling, reading and jumping around together, at any age. Create the perfect playroom and reading nook for your kids by adding a handmade ByAlex playmat. You can use one by itself, or you can create the most amazing play area by laying several playmats together. Combine them with our cosy cushions for a comfortable space to play games and chill.





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