Six ways to play: get ready to rumble

Look mum, look how strong I am..

During the first four years of motherhood, I was a real boy's mum; I had two little redheaded boys running around me. Jumping and playing around was what kept me busy most of the day. Then a little girl joined our family and, funnily enough, the energy levels at home just continued to rise. Always using their muscles to explore just how strong they really are. 


Can we still play fight when they're bigger and stronger?

The craziness already started when they were babies. We rolled over the floor, lifted them up in the air and pretended they were always winning the match (didn't matter what kind of match it was). It was all nice and easy, at least for me. But now that they're bigger, I'm sometimes a bit insecure during our play fights. The eldest is seven and he's already quite strong. Am I strong enough for him? And if I use my full power, will I hurt him? 

I looked into how to play with kids of different ages because I wanted to make sure that we could still fool around and have fun. 


my tips on how to play with kids of different ages


Babies enjoy moving around, as long as they feel safe. They like rolling over, bouncing on their parents’ knees or being lifted into the air. It’s best to take it easy with babies, to avoid injuries. They also love a good cuddle, as I'm sure you do too. 


Catch me if you can is a fun game. Or spinning around, dancing, doing cartwheels and somersaults. ByAlex playmats are made for all these kinds of crazy movements. It's also a great place to encourage them to test their strength and boundaries.


Primary school children tend to be the most rough. They like playing together, but they're also up for play fights with mum and dad. It's a great way to help them release all their energy and emotions that they have built up over the course of the day.


What's your favourite thing to do on the playmat?

ByAlex Playmats are perfect for playing, chilling, reading and jumping around together, at any age. Create the perfect playroom and reading nook for your kids by adding a handmade ByAlex playmat. You can use one by itself, or you can create the most amazing play area by laying several playmats together. Combine them with our cosy cushions for a comfortable space to play games and chill.





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