6 ways to use a ByAlex playmattress

ByAlex Playmats are more than what they seem. They are a part of your everyday family life. A life that comes with laughter, clumsiness, love, creativity and challenges. It goes without saying that the playmats can endure a lot thanks to the quality of the materials. However, that's not all the can do. Besides it is a safe place to play, the best spot for rumbling, playing cozy together and off course to chill. But have to tried to use your imagination and see if you can make a pirate ship or a sausage roll with it?

There are 6 ways to play with the ByAlex play mattresses, I'm taking you on a journey through the endless possibilities. Each way of playing is linked to a blog in which I explain the use in more dept and give you some tips. Feel inspired.

 6 wyas to play byalex

1: Rumble

In this first article you'll discover that the playmats are great to take risks and to challenge yourself to go on new ventures. The mats are a safe place. Get ready to rumble!

2: Play Together

Spending time with your loved ones is important and can be done in numerous places and in numerous ways. The mats are perfect for spending time together.

3: Safekeeping

The third article is all about the learning process of safekeeping. Kids explore the limits and that can be a scary thing for both kids and parents. The playmat has a sense of security.

4: Practical

Playtime can be a messy thing that comes with liquids being spilled, sticky foods being dropped and arts and crafts materials all around. Not to worry: see the practical side of the mats yourself in the fourth article on using ByAlex Playmats.

5: Relax

You need time to relax by yourself and so do your kids. Exploring the world can be a tiring job after which they need space to reconnect. Using the playmats you can try many ways of relaxation as you'll learn in the fifth article. 

6: Imagination

In the last article, you'll discover the true possibilities of the ByAlex Playmats. Your kids' imagination can take you anywhere in the world with the playmat as a part of the adventure. As Einstein once said: Imagination is more important than knowledge. Let your imagination run wild!

Feel free of sharing your ByAlex play moment in Insta. If you do make sure to tag @byalex_mats. Every 3 months I raffle of one free playmat among the entries.





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